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growing brands through content

Our bread + butter

We shoot, edit and post high quality content for businesses looking to reach new audiences, attract more customers, and elevate their brand. Providing a simplified solution for businesses ready to thrive in the digital age.

To learn more about how we can help explode your business, book an intro call today. 

Our packages

Mobile Phone

Social Media starter

  • Each week, you send us your raw videos and pics 

  • We’ll turn them into high quality, scroll stoping Social Media content

  • 12 posts a month (short video + photos)

  • We publish everything for you to all your platforms. Including: captions, tags, hashtags, locations, audio, etc.

Handheld Camera

Done for you

  • Once a month, we'll schedule a “batch shoot day” (this is where we collect all the content we need for the month)

  • We’ll plan, shoot + edit 12-15 pieces of content for you

  • Mixture of short form videos + photos 

  • We publish everything, Including: captions, tags, hashtags, locations, audio, thumbnails, etc.

  • We also manage your comments and DMs for you so you don’t miss a thing

Camping on the Beach

done for you

  • 2 “batch shoot days” a month

  • We shoot, edit + produce 20-30 pieces of content for you

  • Includes everything else from the "pro" package

* Contact for pricing or for other projects


Greg Harla - Owner, Pavement Recyclers

Aili Mannisto - Executive Assistant, RW Development

the surf Club

(psssst it's free)

The World of Social Media moves FAST! Once a week we debrief our Surf Club Members on the only updates you'll ever need to know - no fluff. 

Thanks for Joining! We're pumped to have you :)

Brands We've Worked With

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