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The Ripple Effect PT.2

Updated: May 5, 2020


-Upcycling makes it easy not only to create more content, but also to acquire


-Automate your Social Media posting with a content scheduling software.

-Working harder < Working smarter

Last week, I introduced the Ripple Effect. When I first heard about this concept from Salma Jafri (an expert on Content Marketing for entrepreneurs), it blew me away how easy it can be to constantly release content on your blog or social media channels. What makes it so easy is what I touched on in my last post, a simple strategy that can stimulate the Ripple Effect called Upcycling. Upcycling occurs when you recycle one piece of content by repurposing it for a new application across the different social platforms you’re on.

Upcycling is a strategic method that not only “helps to create fresh content that’s derivative without being a replica”, but also helps your brand gain momentum. We want our ripples to gain momentum and swell into waves, reaching more and more new users and converting those interactions to sales conversions. With Upcycling, releasing content has the potential to be heavily automated. Sharing one core piece of content at the beginning of the week, you can plan out when and where to drop upcycled content for the rest of the week.

There are some great tools to do this and when it comes to content scheduling software, Planable is our weapon of choice. Inside Planable we can connect our business pages to the account and schedule what content we want to post as well as when and where we want to post it. And we don’t even have to go into the various social apps to post. After you schedule in Planable, you can ‘set it and forget it’ while the software does the rest. It has given us so much more time to focus on our projects with clients and has really streamlined our posting habits on our Social Media pages.

Posting and sharing content can start seeming like a chore very quickly when you feel like you have to come up with this groundbreaking, totally new piece of content for each post. I know this because it happened to me! Listen people, we don’t need to work harder here. We just need to work smarter and more efficiently because Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing your business. And believe it or not, social media is on the rise and has been for a while now. It has become a household term - ranging from middle schoolers to their grandparents, along including everyone in between those ages, the majority of the U.S. population is on at least one Social Media platform.

So utilize this fact! Don’t go door to door soliciting your product. Market yourself where it will be best received and cost the least. Work smarter, not harder - create content by recycling what you already have, repurposing it for different channels and leaving its freshness intact.

Ride the Wave,

McKendry Bade


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