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Social Media made easy

We partner with businesses to help them grow their audiences online and to build their brand exactly how they envision it.


We know that Social Media is the first impression your brand makes on the rest of the world. And we know that putting this responsibility in the hands of someone outside of your business can be scary. That's why we don't cut corners and we spend as much time as possible learning about your business - so that every detail is exactly how you want it. 

Our client's don't think of us as an agency. They think of us as their very own digital marketing department. 

Social media plans

Every business is different and so each strategy we develop is custom to you, your style, and your audience. With your custom strategy, we have developed different plans that are proven to work. They vary in budget, and level of involvement from your team.


This is our "done with you" plan. Your team will be expected to provide our team with all the content (images + videos). Our team polishes it all up, makes nice shiny pieces of content out of it, and then posts it for you. 


Think of this one as "done for you" just with less post volume. We'll plan 1 shoot day per month, where our team will collect as much content as we can and then use that to create posts for the rest of the following month.


Everything is "done for you" and we shoot fresh content on a weekly basis. 

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