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3 reasons your business needs instagram in 2024

Don't worry, these are only going to scare you if your business isn't taking advantage of Instagram this year.

picture of a hand scrolling on instagram on a phone

Instagram, if used properly, can be an absolute weapon for generating new business, cultivating relationships with current customers, and building a loyal following transferable to any other platform. And just like any other platform, Instagram will only reward you for the amount of effort you invest in it. If you give your page the bare minimum effort, it will return you bare minimum results.

Now you may be thinking that this is well and good, but you run a business, that sells products and services, not a personal brand that creates content like some kind of influencer. Why should this matter to you? Well today we're going to cover 3 stats that we pulled from The Social Shepherd that perfectly reflect why businesses need to take Instagram serious in 2024:

1) 90% of People on Instagram Follow a Business

Alright so there's a 9 in 10 chance that potential customers are following or willing to follow your page, but so what?

2) 62.4% of People Use Instagram to Research Products and Services

Okay yeah so they want to follow your business along on it's journey, AND 60% of them admit to using this as a way to research whether they want to buy from you or not! Alright now we're talking.

3) 50% of active users become more interested in a brand after seeing an ad for it on instagram

Okay so now you're telling me that I can spend $50 over 5 days, reach 10,000 accounts, and 50% of them are now going to be interested in what I do? When do we start?

Now obviously the dollar amount and reach are subject to your specific audience and location, but those are pretty safe estimates. When done correctly, with good content, copy writing, a call to action, and a Instagram page that welcomes and invites visitors into a behind the scenes world of your brand - your reach and popularity will skyrocket!

a quote about traffic and conversions from Sabri Suby

Like one of my favorite marketers, Sabri Suby, says, "nowadays you can buy traffic like you can buy milk at the super market. You do't have a traffic problem, you have a conversion problem."

And that's a topic for another blog post on another day. Thanks for reading!


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