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growing Your Brand: A Social Media Strategy template for 2024 🌱

Updated: Feb 6

Growing your brand on social media doesn't have to be complicated. Today we're going to illustrate our social media strategy template for growth in 2024 using a garden analogy. Let's dig in 😉

a person watering their house plants
Growing your social pages is like growing a garden

1. Choose the Right Seeds (Define Your goals) - the 1st step of any good social media strategy template

When you set out to grow a garden you have to know what you're growing! If you want a vegetable garden you get tomato seeds, and squash seeds, and cucumber seeds. If you want to grow herbs, you get seeds for mint, and rosemary, and cilantro. If you're growing flowers... you get where I'm going here.

So step 1 is knowing what you want to get out of your garden/socials. Then building a plan with the end in mind. Not everybody is going to have the same goals, so not everyone should have the same plan.

2. Prepare the Soil (Optimize Your Profile):

Before sowing the seeds, provide a welcoming environment for your brand to grow. Optimize your social media profile. Make sure your profile pic is an actual picture of you (if it's for a personal brand) or your logo (for a business). And if it's a logo make it optimal for each platform - each social platform has different dimensions for profile pics and cover images. Write a clear bio that explains what visitors can expect from your page. The details are what separates an average page from a killer page 👌

We'll do a more in-depth breakdown on how to set-up your social profile for success in 2024 (with examples). Stay tuned.

3. Plant the Seeds (Create and Share Content):

Now, it's time to plant your seeds. Regularly create and share content that reflects your brand. This is like nurturing your social media presence. Content is the seed that, when consistently planted, grows into a thriving brand presence.

Nothing will grow if you don't at least plant the seeds. No one will find you if you don't leave a paper trail. To get found, create content and share it. Plant the seeds!

4. Water and Nurture (Engage with Your Audience):

Like a garden needs water, your brand needs engagement. Responding to every comment, asking questions, and participating in conversations on other posts are all ways you can increase your brand's engagement level. Think about this like a cocktail party. People want to talk with other people who want to talk. If you're standing in the corner with your hands in your pockets you're not going to get much engagement.

Engaging with your audience is like providing the essential water for your brand to flourish and grow strong roots. The audience that you regularly interact with will grow with you and become your most loyal fans.

Tip: set a timer for 15 minutes each day - and go in and respond to comments, comment on other people's posts, and insert yourself in the conversation of the internet's cocktail party. Do this everyday, like watering your garden. 🪴 🚿

5. Sunlight and Fresh Air (Visibility and Exposure):

A garden needs sunlight and fresh air for optimal growth. Similarly, your brand needs visibility. Utilize hashtags, collaborations, and paid promotions to ensure your brand gets exposure beyond your current follower base. This is like providing the sunlight and fresh air that your brand needs to thrive.

Collaborations are a great example of getting your posts to reach an entirely new audience. Create something that another one of your peers would love to co-sign and post on their page, and instead of giving them the video just ask them to be a collaborator on your post (you can do this on Instagram when you go to "tag" another page)

6. Prune and Weed (Monitor and Adjust):

A good gardener regularly prunes and weeds to ensure healthy growth. ✂️ Similarly, monitor your social media analytics. Identify what works and what doesn't. Adjust your strategy accordingly. This is like pruning away ineffective tactics and weeding out elements that hinder your brand's growth.

We do this once a week at the end of each week for all the pages we manage. But if you're just starting out, even once a month is a healthy enough frequency to make adjustments.

7. Harvest and Share the Fruits (Celebrate Milestones):

The joy of a garden is in the harvest. Similarly, celebrating the achievement of your social media goals is like sharing the fruits of your labor with your audience. Be proud of how far you've come and pay your appreciation to the community around your brand. 💯

8. Expand Your Garden (Diversify Your Platforms):

Successful gardeners often expand their gardens and their skills over time. Similarly, consider diversifying your social media presence. Explore new platforms or features to reach a broader audience. This is like expanding your garden to new areas for continuous growth.

By approaching social media growth like tending to a garden, you can cultivate a thriving brand presence that not only survives but flourishes in the dynamic and ever-changing digital landscape.

Happy Gardening 😎✌️


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