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The Ripple Effect PT.1

Updated: May 5, 2020

Drop. Ripple. Wave. Earthquake. Tsunami. Volcano. Tornado. Jose Canseco.


-The Ripple Effect gets you in front of the right people and keeps you there.

-Repurposing content to ripple through your social media networks

maximizes the

use of each piece of content.

-You can never go wrong making content from information you found


If businesses want to grow, they need to release content for their audience.

In LA, billboards are still a popular way to release content. That costs way too much money in my opinion. Plus, releasing content online is way cheaper to do. Not to mention, you can’t put a billboard in front of everyone, but online, you can put yourself in front of whoever you want. And the fuel to this journey is the releasing or dropping content to ripple throughout your social media networks.

Content can take a variety of forms: a post on your blog, a post on Twitter, a video on Youtube or a picture on Instagram. You can educate your audience with your content or you can entertain them, as long as it is meaningful to your audience. But making all these pieces of content for each channel AND running my business? No no no no no no, I certainly would not recommend that unless you were trying to go crazy. Each piece of content you make, no matter what kind or what channel it’s dropped to, has the potential to ripple through multiple social media platforms. Enter the Ripple Effect.

The Ripple Effect is an approach to dropping content in two strategic ways. Let’s unpack the first.

Just like a ripple created by a drop, a strategy to maximize dropping a piece of content is by repurposing it to run through each social platform your business is on. For example, say you had a client dinner for networking and made a 10 min video of the event featuring you as well as your guests giving talks to the group. In this scenario, the optimal release setting would be Youtube because it’s a platform for hosting long-form video content that is free to use.

From this point, you could take a 60 second clip from that video and repurpose it for an Instagram post. And while you’re posting it there, you can choose the option to share it on your Facebook as well. Maybe you decide to write up a thousand word blog post, singling out a point made during the event by one of your guests and putting it into context within a larger discussion that’s going on in current events. After that? Well shoot, you could just post a cool picture on Instagram with a quote from the post and a link to read the entire post. I think we got to 7 different pieces of content right there just from one video.

Creating content gives some people a hard time - “Well what would I say? Does anyone even care?”. 1) Say what you feel like! If you think something was helpful or could help someone else, you can never go wrong with making it into content and 2) Absolutely. Imagine how big the internet is… It is a near digital copy of the social landscape of our planet. Someone is trying to find answers to the same questions you’ve been asking. Without a doubt, there are people who would find meaning in the content you post.

With that, I will leave you guys until the next post which will be about…. Yup, you guessed it.

The Ripple Effect, PT. 2!

Ride the Wave,

McKendry Bade


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