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Extra Traffic Online & Taking Advantage of It

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

WM Newsletter Vol. 1

Date Issued: April 3, 2020

What Is Up, Everybody!?

No this is not spam and no you did not get this email by mistake. If you are reading this it’s because we truly associate you with being part of our Wave Media family. A lot has happened in the past couple years, heck a lot has happened in the past couple weeks! These are crazy times that we’re living in and so we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on ourselves and on those that we care about.  We’re so lucky and blessed to have been surrounded with incredible clients, projects and individuals through the first 2 years of our company. We’re taking things to the next level here in year 3 and we want to bring all of you along for the ride. While our socials are always a great place to keep up with all things Wave Media it can get a little hectic and sometimes our content gets lost in the constant stream of everyone else’s online activity. So, we decided to create a weekly Wave Media newsletter that includes:


  • Helpful tips for the improvement of your online savviness (You’re going to have people asking YOU for help with their socials in no time) 

  • Important updates in the world of Social + Digital Marketing (there’s a lot and it’s constantly changing. We’re here to sift out what’s important from what’s NOT.) 

  • And, of course, a few of our favorite pieces of content from each week (Gotta keep things fun and keep things grooving out here.)

And if none of this information intrigues you then maybe you’ll just tune in each week to follow the struggles that inevitably occur when you let four 25-year-old boys run their own digital marketing company (People it’s okay to laugh! We laugh at ourselves, mostly at Mike, for at least an hour a day). Now, we like to keep things brief so that you have more time for golf, work, water aerobics, crying yourself to sleep while watching Castaway for the 5th time during quarantine (hey we don’t judge here). And we know this particular edition has been lengthy but hey come on, it’s the first one and we needed to explain ourselves a little. Alright, alright, without further ado here is this week’s Wave Media newsletter…

This Week in Wave Media: 

  • Blog Post - - Have you heard of the hottest social media platform of 2020, TikTok? Don’t worry if you haven’t, our fabulous Ms. Kennedy Chiglo wrote a blog post just for you! 

  • Podcast - - We had the pleasure of sitting down with former Lieutenant Governor of Michigan and current President of the Small Business Association of Michigan, Mr. Brian Calley!

  • Video Project - - Each week we sit down and cover a couple of controversial/popular topics happening in the world around us on a segment we call The Daily Talks! This particular episode is a behind the scenes look at how the money gets allocated in our annual backpacks for the homeless campaign called Brews 4 Backpacks.


Digital Marketing Update:

Taking Advantage of Extra Traffic Online + The Data That Comes With It - One thing that we have been preaching lately has been that our clients, and really everyone that is still open for business, takes advantage of this time where more people are spending their time online throughout the day than ever before. This crisis is an unprecedented experience and that means there are more eyeballs on the internet constantly looking for answers, working, learning, connecting and communicating. Not only is it important to be getting in front of these eyeballs, but it’s equally important to learn all of the data that you can from the performance habits of this highly active period online. This is like an accelerated case study where you now have 10x the participants than you would normally have online. For those of you that are still learning the importance of Social Media and Data, here is a great article from the good people over at

Twitter Provides New Guide on Effective Use of Social Media Data

“One of the key advantages of social media, from a business and marketing perspective, is the amount of insight it provides, with the capacity to tap into what consumers are saying at any time, and better inform your strategic efforts…” (Continue here)


Tip Of The Week:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Content - This is a practice that we believe in strongly at Wave Media. Far too often we hear people complain about the lack of content ideas or lack of time they possess to carry out more content ideas. You can reduce the amount of time that you spend making Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Tweets or Blogs by reusing 1 piece of content multiple ways. In the following example we’ll lay out how you can take this 1 Tweet idea or fish sandwich theme and make not just 1 but 4 or 5 pieces of content. It’s not new. It’s not rocket science. But it saves you time, gives you more content, and trains you to think along the mindset of really squeezing as much juice out of the lemon as possible.  Example: You decide one day to tweet about the new fish sandwich that you enjoyed at Culver’s this Lenten season. Take a screenshot or copy that same exact tweet and post it on Facebook with an additional question “what restaurant do you think has the best fish sandwich this time of year?” Post it to LinkedIn and tag @Culver’s in the post letting them know you also enjoyed their friendly customer service. Lastly you could even take a picture of you enjoying this unexpectedly delicious sandwich and post it to your Facebook or Instagram account. Now be creative and multiply!

We hope you learned something, we’re excited to share this new feature with you, and we’re always open to any feedback you have for us! We love you, we’re praying for you and your families during this time. Stay healthy and wash your hands! Peace!

-Wave Media


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